Congratulations to the FEBS 2021 poster prize winners

Thank you for the wide range of excellent posters at FEBS 2021, and well done to...

In recognition of the contribution of posters to the 45th FEBS Congress, FEBS Press journals selected daily poster prize winners and, from this selection, announced overall winners at the Closing Ceremony.

Journal editors had first made a short list of posters on the basis of submitted abstracts, and then viewed these uploaded posters and talked to the presenters during the virtual event. They looked for high-quality and exciting research presented in a clear and appealing manner. The overall winners selected by the journals were:

The FEBS Journal: P-07.3-01  MKK6-p38γ/δ signaling is essential to control cardiac electrical activity. Presenter: Rafael Romero Becerra, Spain

FEBS Letters: P-02.2-01  Autophagy is Involved in lipid droplet breakdown in serum-starved breast cancer cells. Presenter: Spela Koren, Slovenia

Molecular Oncology: P-08.1-28  OXPHOS genetic complexity in cancer cell biology and immune response. Presenter: Ana Victoria Lechuga-Vieco, UK

FEBS Open Bio: P-01.3-09  Engineering protein dynamics for the understanding of divergent evolution of the Renilla luciferase. Presenter: Martin Toul, Czech Republic

Congratulations also to the following daily prizewinners selected by the journals during the event:

P-LBR-02.4-04  DNAJC9 integrates heat shock molecular chaperones into the histone chaperone network. Presenter: Colin M. Hammond 

P-03.1-29  Phase separation of synapsin, alpha-synuclein and synaptic vesicles. Presenter: Christian Hoffmann

P-03.2-0  Structural basis of antiviral activity of a protective antibody against tick-borne encephalitis virus and structure-guided rational design of this antibody. Presenter: Ivan Baykov

P-03.2-15  New insights into molecular mechanism of signaling by endocrine FGFs. Presenter: Ekaterina Kuzina

P-06.4-30  PDGF-PDGFR Network modulates mmyogenic progenitor fate, migration, and proliferation. Presenter: Osvaldo Contreras

P-07.2-12  Investigation of the mutator effects of currently used TB drugs provides insight into the mechanism of drug resistance development in Mycobacteria. Presenter: Rita Varadine Hirmondo

P-08.1-24  Early but not late ferroptotic cancer cells are immunogenic in vitro and in vivo. Presenter: Iuliia Efimova

P-08.2-70  The role of dual specificity phosphatase 6 in ALK-dependent neuroblastoma cell survival. Presenter: Elliott Thompson

P-08.4-16  ALS-linked TDP-43 inclusions dysregulate astroglial noradrenergic signalling and metabolism. Presenter: Anemari Horvat

P-09.3-01  Ancestral paternal exposure to high-fat diets causes testicular metabolic and functional disturbances in mice up to two generations. Presenter: Luís Crisóstomo


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